Career Guidance

Students of Ohyu Gakuen study for six years to become independent women who can contribute to society. They keep learning until they attain strength to adapt to this ever- changing society.

Junior High School First Grade

Start from getting to know yourself.

We encourage students to contemplate themselves by writing a ‘Self-Report’ in their first year. We also teach them how to listen to other people and to study together during the process of researching their environment and writing and presenting reports on their findings. In the aspect of education, they learn to develop good study habits as the students of junior high school. We also have all -in-English classes and teach them to read and listen to English as much as possible so they become familiar with the language.


Junior High School Second Grade

Take a look at yourself in society.

Teachers guide students to broaden their interest in society. They experience various social activities, including trying to use wheelchair, walking “blind” and experiencing being a senior so they realize there are people who are in a weak position. We encourage them to gain experience and notice various issues in the modern society so they become willing to solve such issues. In regard to education, we have small group classes for English and mathematics so they have more opportunities to speak up and to communicate with each other. As a result they deepen their understanding of what they learn.


Junior High School Third Grade

Find your dreams for your future.

There is a school trip to Okinawa in December for the third grade students. Before this trip, they learn various aspects of Okinawa from history to nature, from past to present. They also deepen understanding of Okinawa’s tragic history during the Second World War through editing magazines so they are aware of being a part of people who try to create a more peaceful world. There are many opportunities during homeroom including attending the lectures of the people in various positions and visiting actual workplaces so they can consider and visualize themselves in society. In regard to education, we teach them to write reports and essays to deepen their thoughts. In science class, students sometimes have to think about the method of the experiment, and then prepare for it, and put it into practice. In this way they come to learn how to cooperate and to pursue the subject while they experience a process of trial and error over and over again. We focus not only on teaching knowledge but also encourage students to select their own theme and determine how to find a solution. They improve an ability to apply their knowledge in this way.

There are various opportunities for discussions in junior high school. Students learn how to convey their opinions and accept other people’s opinions to find a better solution. Our school helps them build a foundation, to find subjects and appropriate solutions in the future, regardless of the paths they may take.


High School First Grade

Create a clear vision for your future.

There is a workshop in Hakone at the beginning of the new semester. We encourage students to think what they are interested in and what sort of study their interest would lead to. This is a first step to search for the paths they should pursue. There are also lectures of university professors so they have opportunities to know something about the university study. Additionally, there are opportunities to determine their suitability in regard to future occupation. Students think how they can make themselves useful in society. There is an open-campus day during the summer when students can visit universities and colleges where they want to study. Based on the experience of the open-campus day, they select their course (Arts/Literature/Economics or Science/Technology/Engineering course) in autumn. We regard this period in their life as a time to build a foundation to select the future path based on their future vision, not based on what subject they are good at. We also regard this period as a time to broaden their horizons by participating in an exchange program to study abroad, seminars, etc.


High School Second Grade

Identify curricula necessary for your future.

In the second grade, most students participate in student council activities including extracurricular activities and committee work as well as school events including sports day and school festival. When students participate in various activities and events, they learn to become a school leader. They gain an ability to manage or to lead a group of people, and an ability to cooperate with others to create something. This is also a time to study harder towards the university entrance exams. Once the curriculums are selected for the exams, they need to start studying more advanced content. Teachers guide them so they are able to go through the exams. In the meantime, they discover the joy of study and learn to think deeper about the subject they have selected.


High School Third Grade

Set an objective to enter the faculty or the university you wish to go to straight from high school.

Our school considers the university entrance exams as simply a passing point, so the future after university is also taken into consideration when we decide the direction for each student. In addition to the normal classes corresponding to the entrance exams, we have various extra classes for each curriculum during the long break in order to deepen their understanding in the subject towards the exams. Students participate in such classes and communicate closely with teachers who have detailed knowledge of the entrance exams for both national and public universities, and through the correction of individual essays, teachers enhance their academic strength. Students mature while they learn to discipline themselves and continue improving themselves toward the big hurdle; the university entrance exams. We continue supporting students, so each can fulfill her dream.

High school students gain much experience. They select their future direction to make the best use of their ability to think, judge and express themselves based on the knowledge they have gained. They also attain the ability to produce their own lives. While students are at school, they respect each other’s interests and make effort to attain their objectives. When they graduate, they have expanded their potential and gained strength to make their dreams come true.