Message from the Principal

Nurturing a strong will in our students to let them cultivate their own paths with a generous mindset.

We need to direct society towards one in which we can combine different ways of thinking so that people in general can agree and live collectively in peace. To this end we need people capable of consolidating opinions in order to create a world where opinions can be expressed freely with the aim of creating a unified direction.

Initially, when we try to understand each other, it is best to confront one another in a considerate way in order to show that you care about him/her instead of merely observing each other. If you approach someone in this way, they will most likely respond in a similar manner. When you have equal respect for your own feelings and the feelings of others, communication is established.

By allowing ourselves to be guided by the light of reason, we can live more freely and more independently and in a more humane way. As you learn various things at school, we want you to think about who you are and what your purpose in life is.

We sincerely hope that our students will learn many things at Ohyu Gakuen and that they will become resolute people with a generous approach to life, people whose knowledge and courage will enable them to live in harmony with others.

Masatoshi Ohi, the Principal

Masatoshi Ohi, the Principal