School Mission

Principle and School Motto


Since its foundation the Ohyu Gakuen school motto has been “Love, Sincerity and Creativity” which is based on the spirit of Christianity. We teach our students to focus on developing their minds. We nurture students with “Love” that was given to them by God to help them live in society, so they can become considerate of other people’s feelings and respectful of themselves.

Concurrently, we help our students to discover their potential given to them by God and develop it with “Sincerity”. And last but not least, we encourage them to live with “Creativity”. The fundamental principle of the school is to teach our students how to attain not only academic brilliance but also sociability.

Guided by this principle, we aim to make Ohyu Gakuen full of “Joy” and “Sincerity”.

Benevolence, Faith and Creativity

“Love, Sincerity and Creativity”, the mosaic wall painting in the former gymnasium (Original painting by Shigehiko Ishikawa)

Total character building