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Introduction of activities by students – Club Cultural

Horticulture Club

Our club has a warm atmosphere. There are about 40 students (junior high school and high school combined) and we get together once a week. Our main activity is to plant vegetable seeds and seedlings and cultivate them until it’s time to harvest them. We sell our vegetable crop at the school festival.

Drama Club

Every year we perform on various occasions, such as voluntary performances and PR performances. We all practice every day to give a good performance. Please come and see us!

Camera Club

Our main activity is to take photographs in photo sessions. The photos we take are exhibited at the school festival and at other occasions. We like to exhibit our work creatively so they look really impressive, unique and interesting. Many visitors enjoy our exhibitions.

Art Club

There are about 30 students in this club and we all try to improve our skills throughout the year under the instruction of a teacher. We go on a summer club camp, so we can concentrate on and improve the work we do. Every year we exhibit at the school festival and many visitors enjoy looking at the artwork.

Science Club

There are about 50 students (junior high and high school combined) in our club. We have many out-of-school activities and that is the main characteristic of the Science Club. We go to Mt.Takao, Oze, and other places to conduct a vegetation survey and do environmental observation. We are in charge of the planetarium show and the luminescence experiment at the school festival. Our individual research presentations are also exhibited there.

Brass Band Club

There are about 120 students from the first grade of junior high school to the second grade of high school in our club. We practice five days a week. As there are so many of us, we have limited space, so we need to contrive ways to make the most of what we have when we practice. Normally we practice basics and parts or sections of a piece, and then play together towards the time of musical performances. We have been taking part in the Junior High School Band Competition since 2013 and won the gold award three consecutive years. We also won the silver award in the High School Band Competition in 2015.

Koto Club

The clubroom is a Japanese tatami room. We practice four days a week and perform at the welcome party for the new students and the PR performance every year. We play many traditional pieces, but we also arrange and play Japanese popular music as well as techno and rap music. In 2014, we visited Prague to perform.

Orchestra Club

There are about 50 of us in this club. We perform at the school festival and the Christmas Event. We rehearse together, so we can play together in harmony, but also each member practices on her own to increase the level of her skill.

Introduction of activities by students – Club Sports

Kendo Club

We practice from Monday to Saturday under the supervision of our coach who has the Renshi-Rokudan. Every day we start from basic movements; practice swing, ‘Men Uchi’, ‘Kirikaeshi’ and ‘Jigeiko’. After that, we practice more advanced moves. Our policy is to practice diligently, fight fairly and with courtesy.

Swimming Club

Our club has about 40 members and we swim in a relaxing atmosphere. We usually use the school pool, but sometimes we attend a training camp to improve our technique. As a result of our efforts, we have won many gold awards in various competitions. We like to support each other and would like to make our club activity even better.

Soft Tennis Club

Our motto is “Do your best and keep your self-control”. More than 120 students play soft tennis competitively every day. We are good friends and rivals beyond the difference between grades. Friendly competition is the characteristic of our club. We carry on practicing tennis and seek more strength.

Softball Club

There are about 50 of us (junior high and high school combined). We really enjoy taking part in matches. We practice basic skills every day to refine our performance so we enjoy the game even more! In a practice and a match, we do our best collectively and aim to win.

Gymnastics Club

About 30 students belong to this club, and each of us practices five days a week. Gymnastics is an individual sport but we can’t improve our skills on our own. We like to help and advise each other so that all of us can improve.

Table Tennis Club

We practice at the concourse on the second floor of the gymnasium five days a week. Most of us had never played table tennis before we joined this club. You need to practice the strokes for about four months before you are good enough to compete in the competition. We participate in about 10 competitions in a year. We try our best to make the most of the skills we gain from our daily practice when we are playing a match. But if we do discover weaknesses in our play during a competition, we try our best to overcome the weakness. We consider this as a starting point for improvement.

Dance Club

There are about 85 students in our club. We perform at seven events; the welcome party for the new students, a PR performance, a private school competition, Chutairen (a competition organized by the Nippon Junior High School Physical Culture Association),the school festival, the national competition and a farewell party. We create and produce everything on our own, including selecting music, choreography, costume and stage lighting, so it’s hard work. However, at the same time, the club activities bring us closer together as friends.

Basketball Club

We love basketball! We practice in the arena under the supervision of our coach. Regardless of the difference in ability between grades, we help each other to improve with training. We carry on with practicing to achieve better results.

Baton Twirling Club

There are about 90 of us practicing every day in the hope of showing good performances in the school festival, the school competition in Tokyo district and the school competition in the Kanto region. We put a lot of work into preparing for a performance which we do on our own. On top of spending a lot of our time practicing, we have to decide on the music, make the choreography and costumes. However, we love the feeling of getting it all done. It’s a thrilling experience! We are always practicing to reach our highest potential.

Volleyball Club

Both junior high school and high school members practice from Tuesday to Saturday every week. We use various tools including jumping ropes and mini-hurdles for muscle training and for keeping fit. Volleyball is a team sport, so it’s important to practice daily to strengthen our teamwork.

Track and Field Club

Our practice schedule changes every season, and we practice in accordance with it. We do muscle training indoors on rainy days. Competition is important, but we think it’s more important to enjoy daily practice and give ourselves challenges each time.

Badminton Club

We have about 40 members, and we practice from Monday to Saturday (except Thursday) every week. Training consists of basic fitness exercises including muscle training and running as well as practicing specific skills which are vital to win in a match. In addition, we attend a summer training camp and participate in practice matches against other schools, which help us play better.

Introduction of activities by students – Association / Extracurricular Activities

Animation Association

Our main activity is to issue a bulletin three times a year. We also make postcards for the school festival. The atmosphere in our club is relaxed so we can work freely regardless of the difference between grades.

Go(Japanese board game) Association

There are about 10 of us (junior high school and high school combined) playing Go every Wednesday. Go might look boring, but once you start playing, you realize that there is a heated battle going on on the board, so even beginners enjoy playing the game.

Cinema Association

We watch various films after school every Saturday. Members make requests for which film to watch. We would like to watch more films to enrich our minds.

Chorus Association

We practice four days a week at Ishikawa Memorial Hall. We do basic voice training and also sing together in preparation for various performances and competitions. We select songs from various genres from traditional chorus songs to the latest pop songs. Our aim is to practice hard so we can improve our harmony.

Tennis Association

There are about 25 of us in the club and we play every Friday. We practice the basic strokes including serving, volley and smash. Also we play practice matches and participate in a training camp during the summer holidays. We don’t have enough members, which can make it difficult to play practice games, but we always enjoy playing tennis between us friends.

JRC(Japan Red Cross) Association

We make handcrafted goods, including felt items and beaded phone straps, every Wednesday and Saturday as a part of volunteer activities. We then sell the goods we make at the school festival and donate all the money to the Japanese Red Cross Society. We like to contribute as much as we can while enjoying doing making handicrafts.

Information Processing Association

We make websites and internet games. We report on web topics and exhibit the games we make at the school festival. If you have any technical questions, you can ask our members. Don’t hesitate to join us – even if you have no experience in the field!

Rhythmic Gymnastics Association

We practice five days a week in preparation for the welcome party for the new students, a PR performance, the school festival and the farewell party. It is important to improve individual abilities and skills, but it is also important to learn how to make a united effort. We continue practicing and learn to achieve successful performances while also building trust among team members.

Bible Association

We have “A meeting for learning the Bible scriptures” once a month, during lunchtime to learn more about the Bible scriptures. We invite teachers from the Bible course and they help us to interpret the scriptures. We discuss society in ancient times as well as now and its ways of living and thinking. We spend a peaceful and quiet time together.

Hiking Association

We go hiking several times a year on weekends and during school breaks. We went to Hakone, Mt. Takao and Oze in 2015. We enjoyed the nature very much while bathing in hot springs and learning names of flowers and plants through quizzes.

Junior High School Light Music / High School Light Music Association

We form several bands and practice playing rock and pop music to perform at the school festival. Many people, including currently enrolled students, come and see our concert, so every year it is a memorable occasion.

Literature Association

Our main activity is to write novels. We try various ways to create a novel, and generally aim to improve our writing skills. For example, we try a method in which each member writes one sentence, and then all the sentences are combined together to make one story. This is called a “relay novel”. Sometimes we cooperate with other clubs such as the camera club. We exhibit our best works at the school festival and also distribute bulletins.

Homemaking Association

We get together once a month, mainly on Saturday after school to cook. Usually we make a main course and dessert. We form small groups with mixed grades, and we help each other. It is fun to cook with other people!

Manga Association

We usually gather every week on Tuesday. Our main activities are to make a bulletin twice a year and prepare for the school festival. We distribute our fanzines and postcards and exhibit illustrations and posters. Many people like our work, and we feel very happy with what we achieve.

History and Culture Association

We go on a study trip after school or on holidays and prepare a presentation for the school festival. Our theme at the festival in 2015 was “Clothing – 70 years after World War II”. For this project, we did some research about different types of clothing and made chronological maps and tables. Many people help us every year to make our exhibition interesting and successful.

English Association

Our theme is to enjoy learning English. We do various things, for example, we made a short version of a high school musical and performed it in the second term in 2014. We also watch English films and exchange letters with students from abroad to learn everyday English. We enjoy fresh challenges each year.

Extracurricular Activities

There are six courses: “Kado (flower arrangement)” (Arikawa Style), “Sado (Japanese tea ceremony)” (Ura-Senke Style), “Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy)”, “English Conversation”, “Sign Language” and “Debate Workshop”.
The main characteristic of Arikawa flower arrangement is the free arrangement of seasonal flowers. The tea ceremony course is limited only to high school students. We learn manners in Japanese tatami rooms, and practice the heart of Sen no Rikyu, “harmony, respect, purity and tranquility” through making tea in front of a guest. In the calligraphy course, we practice mainly using the writing from classics. English Conversation club is held on Monday and Tuesday. We learn conversation in a more fun and casual way, and sometimes do holiday parties, such as Halloween and Christmas. In the sign language course, we have two sign language teachers sent from the Deaf Association of Setagaya in Tokyo. They are very good and attentive teachers. Debate Workshop is open for students above the third grade in junior high school. It is taught in English by a foreign lecturer specialized in debate. Students gather once a month and learn how to construct logical arguments, both affirmative and negative, while improving their research skills. They gradually gain knowledge and find pleasure to realize that the world is full of questions through seeking the truth. Debate fosters the value of democracy and enhances to bring the debaters to understand each other.